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OCT is a diagnostic test that takes a detailed 3D image by using rays of light to measure retinal thickness. An OCT scan is very useful in detection of sight threatening conditions that may not otherwise be visible, and is essential to the assessment and treatment of most retinal and optic nerve conditions.


  • Diabetic patients: In diabetic patients a regular OTC eye exam can help with the early detection of diabetic retinopathy; a cause of permanent blindness when left untreated.

  • Patients with Glaucoma and those at risk: The OCT is used to monitor patients with glaucoma regularly. An OTC eye exam can determine disease progression and efficacy of treatment. In patients at risk of developing Glaucoma, an OTC scan can be used to detect the disease before vision loss has occurred, allowing for treatment to help prevent any loss of vision.

  • Patients with Macular Degeneration and those at risk: Macular Degeneration affects a portion of the retina responsible for central vision, the ability to see directly in front of you, and the only place where we are capable of 20/20 vision. Changes to macula must be identified as early as possible. Early diagnosis using the OCT eye exam is critical to begin immediate treatment.

  • Unexplained vision loss: In patients where they have experienced decreased vision that cannot be corrected with glasses, an OCT scan can detect many ocular diseases that could be the cause of the unexplained vision loss.



As part of all comprehensive eye exams, your optometrist at Exeter Family Eye Care will determine if they feel an OTC scan is necessary, and explain to you why they feel so if recommended.

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